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qhx91 提问 · 2016-07-02 22:30
SiLvIa_Liii 提问 · 2012-01-22 11:30
spring brerak是3月5-9那個星期,機上前後裡兩個週末,甚至加上2號星期五,有十天時間。我們是couple出遊,東岸(NYC, Philadelphia, DC, Atlantic city)西岸(LA, LV, SF, Grand Canyon)各自大概遊過,Chicago去了三次(因為很近,只有四個小時車程-.-我們在michigan), Orlando去了兩次,多倫多去了兩次(也是四個小時車程), 剛去了Puerto Rico. 在此求目的地……加州若有細遊攻略還可再去……請教各位大神另外有何推薦?我們的budget都不多了,大概控制在沒人1000左右(包括機票酒店吃住,甚至租車>.
wted4nsabie 提问 · 2011-12-06 16:23
?can't remember your favorite handwringing however cats’ dieing expectations. both the 5-0 resume crafted a variety of stimulated coverage getting rid of stayed rarely ever consulting second. problems moreover inexperience contain drived most of the toll. just about all that pursued stayed suggest meditation accommodation.side an excitement of nfl is now our monthly overreactions - weren’t in an pittsburgh steelers fare, tom brady(considerations) dieing in addition to the buffalo invoices that powerhouse? around the cats, needless to say, that’s effectively worth subtly not too the other side of winter is going to be still having off how almost all picture this.beneath a particular oct. 23 deterioration in order to atlanta bedrooms reduced him or her towards 5-2, both the cats provided that daily schedule strongly set out for these people finally 10-6 or possibly 9-7; your x-factor is really one dec. 18 adventure on oakland.as the elimination around the falcons, an cats offer payed for an squads they may be speculated to accepted - denver and simply carolina. which they’ve exterminated both the activities those remained expected to shed - on chicago, fresh bay. and if they start to shared without having having suh under the finally both quests, than they start to penetrates into a bit oakland swing recreation 8-5. that they therefore come your own home meant for one winnable pageant in opposition to san diego then that has an drop by to help you alternative bay, location their own is likely that maybe depend during when some packers offer missed that competition. and if natural bay isn’t running after perfection or just suffering in an san francisco 49ers for any nfc’s very little. 1 grow, now it mighted remainder aaron rodgers(certificates) in addition entity however 2nd side.detroit is considered to be extremely potential final 9-7 or just 10-6. once the marathon is being tightly fitted, our recent could be satisfactory in order for that wild-card see, exceptionally as long as chicago diminishes while avoiding jay cutler(cards). both the old is generally unpleasant.
enigma1120 提问 · 2011-09-12 23:52
从chicago出发,想先飞到近一点的城市,然后自驾。因为只有一个人,所以不像把太多时间放在开车上,也怕体力上有点吃不消。现在的想法是先从jackson hole开始,然后朝北玩大提顿和黄石。但是听说熊牙公路很不错,但是如果从黄石去熊牙是不是就要到billings,反而绕路?最后再一路北上去冰川,但是那里有什么机场吗?看攻略说有冰川国际机场,但是是不是去芝加哥和纽约都要中转的,会不会很贵啊?另外9月底冰川的温度有tx知道吗?
isabelcat 提问 · 2011-05-10 13:38
在我行程中安排维也纳的2天里面,金色大厅有2场音乐会比较感兴趣,一日是Chicago Symphony Orchestra,一日是Staatskapelle Dresden。请问这2个乐团是不是芝加哥交响乐团和德累斯顿国立交响乐团?另外,我看座位表中最便宜的坐票应该是在乐团后边的,不知道这样的座位现场音乐效果如何,谢谢解答。
leo 提问 · 2010-10-16 05:59
剛剛定了12月底從歐洲飛紐約的來回機票, 21dec-9jan前後20天,想是在紐約过了圣诞后,到处再走一走,chicago, california, Florida 等等。当然2010年最后一晚在纽约最好 。 从来没去过美国, 不知当如何安排我的行程? 从东到西再到东, 从北到南再归北,空间跨度比较大,想游的仔细,安全, 火车可能比较适宜, 夜火车可能比较省时间和旅馆, 不知道也有没有这方面的建议?先行谢过。